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Reed Bed, Micro Hydro & Spring Protection updates

NCDC continues to work on new projects.  These images were sent earlier this week.  They show completed projects and projects in progress.  Thanks as always to the EWB team and to Bhupal for sending these updates and keeping us up to date on the progress.

Health & Sanitation Update | July 1st 2010

Hi folks,

Bhupal sent this encouraging text and these images today

Work of EWB is going smoothly. The program conducted with school students about health and sanitation and water quality testing has positive effect. If we could continue this type of program, we can get positive result than Namsaling. It will be best if I give plenty of time in this project when EWB students are here ,with availability of some funds for programs (Like toilet program in Namsaling). This time Mara, Jess, Cherlotte and boys are happy with the works and my support(You can ask them).

We have conducted the programs in 3 schools, for 2 days a week with 20 students per school. the program is about reason of pollution, polluted water, its treatment , relation between water and health etc. the method of training are: 1st day: enviroscap model demonstration, 2nd day: water testing (EWB and students, essay competition “Why the clean water is necessary for me Ilam and environment”)



Health & Sanitation Training | June 2010

Hi everyone,

We just received these images from Ilam – NCDC staff member Bhupal Khatiwada is shown teaching health & sanitation workshops in the field. Two volunteers from EWB/EDC are also shown teaching sanitation related topics.