The photo above shows a class in the village of Megma.

Corporate and institutional sponsors will often donate funds to support an entire class of students. The Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association recently supported scholarship programs aimed at keeping female students in school. Younger students can be kept in school for an entire year for as little as $20 each.

Twenty-seven girl students received scholarships in the previous academic year. Adult literacy classes are regularly held, and last year 335 adult students passed the final literacy exam.

Nepal’s education system has been largely based on that of the United States and has received much assistance in forming a curriculum from various NGO’s. Primary education runs from grade 1 through 5. Secondary education consists of lower secondary (grade 6 to 8), upper secondary (grade 9 to 10) and higher secondary (grade 11 to 12). Students will receive a School Leaving Certificate after completing grade 10. The streams for higher secondary education are education, science, commerce and humanities after which they receive a Higher Secondary Certificate. Students have the option of attending Basic Technical Schools after grade 5 to be awarded a Training Level Certificate.

Nepal’s education system can look forward to continued improvements in the future all aimed at promoting an educated and well-functioning nation.

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Namsaling primary school

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