Health care & Telemedicine

In 1989 NCDC, with the aid of NCDF and a CIDA grant, constructed the first local health post in the Namsaling area. The clinic is stocked with donated medicines and supplies. Now most villagers have access to health services that were previously unavailable. The clinic sees, on average, 10 to 15 patients per day, for an annual total of approximately 4,500 patients. Vaccinations, seen in the video above, are an important components of preventative health care.

In March of 2004 NCDF was pleased and proud to assist in hosting a medical group from Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children. This group, called ‘ No Boundaries’ worked at the Nepal Medical College and provided a week of volunteer medical expertise including several types of surgery, dentistry, and ophthalmology.

Many thanks to this terrific group!


Hospital for Sick Kids ‘No Boundaries’ group, 2004



In 2008 a pilot project was established by EWB / EDC to facilitate communications between remote clinics and hospitals in larger centres. The system shown above, which broadcast live audio and video simultaneously, enables communication between the health post in Namsaling and the hospital in Ilam, thus providing the opportunity for more in-depth diagnosis of medical conditions from an experienced practitioner. We hope to be able to continue with and expand this technology in the months ahead.

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