New images from NCDC

Received these new images today from Bhupal at NCDC – these are some of the activities and programs that NCDF and EWB is supporting in the Ilam and Kalinchok regions. Shown here are school nurseries, hygiene training (hand washing), water testing, income generation, community outreach meetings, improved cow sheds, and local environmental programs (dustbins).

Thanks to Bhupal for sending these and we’re happy to see these programs continuing!


images from NCDC – Sept. 2016

Hi everyone,

Bhupal recently sent these images showing a range of activities – monitoring of the ICS (improved cooking stove) and latrine program, the OSON project(s) as well as the new dust bin and improved cow shed program.

More updates are expected soon.

Project updates from NCDC

These new images came to us over the past few weeks. They show the progress of the Nursery project, progress with the fog collection pilot project ( automated data logger) and the installation of dustbins in new locations

New images from NCDC

New images today from NCDC in Ilam – these photos show water source survey in Godak VDC , School nursery program in Barbote VDC and management training in Suryodaya municipality Fikkal, Ilam. All these programs are supported by NCDF.

Thanks to Bhupal for sending these new images!

News Story about Nepal and Fog Water

This is a news story put together by CFJC TV  in Kamloops (British Columbia, Canada) on our  continuing fog collection projects in Nepal.  It features brief interviews with Robert Schemenauer and Byron Bignell.

The fog collection technology was introduced into Nepal about 15 years ago on visits by filmmaker Kevin Kowalchuk and the original FogQuest field project director, Pablo Osses, working in collaboration with Robert Schemenauer.

FogQuest works with Canadian based groups NCDC and NCDF as well as the Nepalese NGO NEWAH.

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