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Reed Bed, Micro Hydro & Spring Protection updates

NCDC continues to work on new projects.  These images were sent earlier this week.  They show completed projects and projects in progress.  Thanks as always to the EWB team and to Bhupal for sending these updates and keeping us up to date on the progress.

Health & Sanitation Update | July 11 2010

Hi everyone,

More photos from Bhupal showing the Health & Sanitation educational program in Namasling. These arrived today.

In Bhupal’s words,”I have some pictures for school health camp,in that camp, doctors checkup students health and i give the class for sanitation,hand wash,clean water etc.ilam municipality and D.H.O give soap,brush,toothpaste,hanker and nail cleper for student. that is the story. Mara also with this team.”