Images from NCDC – Sept. 2016

Hi everyone,

Bhupal recently sent these images showing a range of activities – monitoring of the ICS (improved cooking stove) and latrine program, the OSON project(s) as well as the new dust bin and improved cow shed program.

More updates are expected soon.

Project updates from NCDC

These new images came to us over the past few weeks. They show the progress of the Nursery project, progress with the fog collection pilot project ( automated data logger) and the installation of dustbins in new locations

New images from NCDC

New images today from NCDC in Ilam – these photos show water source survey in Godak VDC , School nursery program in Barbote VDC and management training in Suryodaya municipality Fikkal, Ilam. All these programs are supported by NCDF.

Thanks to Bhupal for sending these new images!

New Health Training images

We received these images from Bhupal at NCDC the other day – they were taken at Purnasmarak higher secondary school, Godak VDC, Ilam.  The images show a health & sanitation class held by Bhupal, as well as toothbrush distribution.


New photos and report from NCDC

Hi folks,

These images came in from Bhupal at NCDC a few days ago.

67 Student cleaning school area after SSEPP training :16 ODF training in Dhusani VDC : 21 Sanitation training in school Barbote VDC : 86,95 ODF declaration program Pyang VDC :  63 NCDC distribute dustbin ,Bhanubhakta HS school Mangalbare VDC : 30 Traditional stove [ cooking domestic animal food ] and same house new stove. Photo by Bhupal raj Khatiwada, NCDC Ilam

Progress with IAP project!


Hi everyone,

This letter arrived from Bhupal at NCDC yesterday.

Dear Barry sir Namaste. I have Namsaling news, Namsaling VDC is declared IAP free, complete literacy village, complete vaccine village, all school peace place, sent present school age child admission school. Jun 29 to 30 [ 2 Days] 200 people celebrate that program in Namsaling high school compound with District line agency representatives.

Todays all local news paper have that news and Sandakpur daily wright editorial with your name . I attach 1 photo here. This declaration is very good and big successes in Ilam district thru the NCDF support.

Note – the IAP ( Indoor Air Pollution) is a project we helped fund over the last few years.  It involved introducing a new type of cooking stove that led the exhaust outdoors as opposed to the old method of the smoke lingering inside the home.



SFC program update


New water monitoring equipment for the standard fog collector (SFC)

We’re heading back to to the Ilam District with a new and improved water monitoring system for the SFC. This one uses improved software and a far more efficient solar panel provided by Voltaic Systems ( Many thanks to Environment Canada for the rain gauge, it works flawlessly.

The new panel is so efficient it started to charge the battery under the somewhat dim light of my workbench, impressive!

We’re looking forward to a productive trip and to replacing the first generation of monitoring equipment with the new model. We’re also looking forward to seeing how the existing system has performed and getting a look at the data for the past six months. We’re hoping that Panchthar is a viable collection site and that we can plan a medium collector installation in the near future.

Stay tuned.