Progress with IAP project!


Hi everyone,

This letter arrived from Bhupal at NCDC yesterday.

Dear Barry sir Namaste. I have Namsaling news, Namsaling VDC is declared IAP free, complete literacy village, complete vaccine village, all school peace place, sent present school age child admission school. Jun 29 to 30 [ 2 Days] 200 people celebrate that program in Namsaling high school compound with District line agency representatives.

Todays all local news paper have that news and Sandakpur daily wright editorial with your name . I attach 1 photo here. This declaration is very good and big successes in Ilam district thru the NCDF support.

Note – the IAP ( Indoor Air Pollution) is a project we helped fund over the last few years.  It involved introducing a new type of cooking stove that led the exhaust outdoors as opposed to the old method of the smoke lingering inside the home.